Jobs in Ajmer (by Zigsaw)

We are creating an open no-spam community for Job seekers in All the Jobs in ajmer would be here !!
Our promise: Atleast 1 Job per day would be updated in the group.

For posting requirements: Company name is REQUIRED and posts without the name of the company would be treated as spam.

Time and again, we would provide interview tips & other Job updates. Feel free to leave your suggestions at \m/

About Zigsaw
Imagine a world, where when you need someone to do a particular Job, you reach out to a magic box. That magic box understands your requirements, quantifies it, evaluates the available options and delivers the best results. Now, imagine all this happening on an auto-pilot mode. This magic-box is what we are creating at Zigsaw. A total platform to endorse, evaluates, verify & select, all at your finger-tips. At Zigsaw, we are #RevolutinizingRecruitment.
We have operated for 18 months on a PAN India approach & have worked with the likes of Pagal guy, Razorpay, Derby India, Fizz, Blacklight Studio Works etc.