Jobs, Intenships and Leanerships SA

This group only advertises and share job vac...ancies, learnerships and internship opportunities posted by many different South African companies and recruitment agencies. We are not a recruitment agency and have no involvement in placing people in jobs.

Please note: We are not in any way liable or answerable to questions related to any post on our group wall. We only help to share such a post to our members. should you have any question about a post, please check the website related to the post and contact those responsible

we have no idea about the posts we help to share on our group, hence we can not answer questions related to such post. ever post comes with contact details, please use the contact details to contact those responsible.

Your responsibility is to read the posts carefully. We will not answer questions when the answers can be found in the post. Being lazy not to take time to read a post is not allowed. Questions like, how do we apply?, the link is not working, where are the contact details, give us a fax number etc etc will not be answered

we suggest that you treat every post with care. Please make enough research before you apply. Any post that requires you to pay money before applying is probably fake. Please do not pay money to apply for a post.

Should you suspect a post as fake, please inbox us and we will immediately make research and possibly ban the person responsible for such a post

You willingly requested to join this group. By so doing and for being a member of this great group, you accept never to hold the admin responsible for whatsoever reason in relation to posts on the group