Job Seekers Paradise

This group is for all Job Seekers,
This will definitely help to get any good offer in your own fields. Please Share here if you know any Job Vacancy. Put your likes and comments to reach maximum no of peoples.
We are collecting job / vacancies appearing in different Groups like LinkedIn, Face book, Newspapers, Job Portal’s, Friends, Etc. I Don't Know About The Companies. Please Make Sure Before U Apply........
When you post a vacancy, clearly mention the location, email address and telephone of the employer.
- Do not post religious and Political issues here.
- Do not discuss anything except jobs
- Do not use offensive language on the board.
- Do not post ads on this group.
-Do not send personal messages to Admin or to the people who post job vacancies. They are trying to help you, so do-not disturb them. Apply for job only with the given addresses in each job posting.

Remember that finding out a suitable job is your duty!!!!!!

Again the group owner John Christober Munchirai has all rights to manage the group.
Thanks all for support.