Jobs in Singapore

This group is one of the largest Job-Search + Job-Advertisement group that holds such high integrity to group rules and clarity+transparency of job descriptions.

The purpose of this group is for:

1 ) Anyone ( students, ORD personnel included) looking for all jobs opportunities:
Full-time, Part-time,Temp, Contract-based, Freelance

2) Employers or recruiters to post your job positions.
ONLY Jobs based in SINGAPORE is allowed here.
These are disallowed:
- "Do nothing and earn money"
- "Earn $4k per month doing nothing! "
- "Travel all over the world for Free"
- "Earn US $2000 by working in Dubai"

Please state:
1. Job Description ( admin or waiter or sales manager..etc)
2. BASIC Salary Range offered ( SGD 1800 or $8/hour..etc)
3. Industry ( F&B or logistics...etc)
4. Contact details ( email or mobile...etc)
5. License number ( for HR agency )

No such Advertisements are allowed:
Product adverts
Company Facebook links
"Like" Contests

The following are considered a job as long as the company pays a basic monthly salary or Time-based Salary or Project-based Salary that is NOT performance-based.

*Direct Marketing (aka On-The-Streets sales )
*Stay-home jobs ( example: sending of emails, making calls, paper-admin work)
*Part-time modeling
*Distribution of flyers
*Event Crew
*F&B crew
*Cafe crew

Please note:
Those naughty ones who continue to post irrelevant stuff will be deleted + remove + ban permanently.

The administrators of this Group Wall has very high integrity towards the purpose of this group. We have all rights to ban those who posts such things.
We respect everyone. We ask the same respect to the Group.

These awesome team of Administrators have been hard at work maintaining the group posts. We welcome anyone who wishes to join this team. PM any of us!