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If You Know Of Available Jobs or See "Help Wanted" Signs Around Mtn Home Arkansas, or The Surrounding Areas, Please Post Them In This Group or If Your An Employer Looking For Employees Post It Here! - Let's Help The Unemployed People Get JOBS!! You Can Also Post Services You Offer & Side Jobs! - ADD AS MANY PEOPLE FROM MTN HOME/TRI AREA (Lakeview, Bullshoals, Flippin, Yellville) AS YOU CAN! & GET THE WORD OUT! Thank You PLEASE DONT NOT POST INTERNET OR WORK AT HOME SCAMS, OR YOU WILL BE DELETED, Thanks

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NOTICE: Due to the scams and tasteless spam posts, Mountain Home Jobs will now be "Post Approved" only this means all group posts must be approved by an admin. Sorry for the inconvenience, I Devin Doss control this group via Mobile so posts will be reviewed and accepted within minutes or seconds as long as posts meet the guidelines which are simple, don't post spam or "get rich fast" scams....thank you for using Mountain Home Jobs :)