Joe mettle ministries

Joe Mettle Ministries was born from the desire to use music, which is undoubtedly the most commanding element, to bring people together. The ultimate vision is centered on empowering believers and winning souls for Christ through worship.

In addition to orchestrating musical programs, Joe Mettle Ministries also dedicates time to the youth through their Senior High School outreach program. In a world where peer-pressure and the constant need to “fit in” runs rampant, the outreach program aims at redirecting the hearts of young men and women back to Christ through music


Praise and worship is the expression of God’s worth to us. Praise and worship is the measuring rod of His worth in our site. Show me someone who is actively involved in worship and I will show you someone who has a high estimation of God. Likewise, one who doesn’t express God’s worth to them through worship is one who has a low estimation of God.

Praise and worship is the means of expressing His worth to us. If we really have a high estimation of God, we will show it through our worship and surrender to Him. How much do we really love the Lord? How highly do we esteem Him? If we do love and highly esteem Him, we must show it through our praise and worship, surrender and obedience (John 14:21-24 and Romans 12:1)