Jogbani City History-Importance-Origin-Architecture

Jogbani was under the rule of The Magadhas during the ancient times. Emperor Asoka was the most influential ruler of all. Later, the Palas established their control over this place apart from the entire region of Araria. However, the city flourished to a major extent when the Guptas started ruling Bihar. During this period, Jogbani had developed in every way. The entire region came under the control of the British because of which several schools offering quality higher education have been established.

The Magadhas, The Palas, Emperor Asoka, The Guptas and The British are the rulers who ruled the kingdom.

Jogbani is known for its economic development in the recent past with the setting up of several industries by prestigious brands. However, the city is known for its academic excellence as well. It can be observed that there are better transport facilities available in the region allowing easier access to Nepal. The nearby Kishanganj is well known for the silk industry.