Johanna's Gliders and Rescue

Johanna's Gliders and Rescue in Inman, SC.

My glider adventure started as a volunteer in 2005. Princess was a moderately tame female glider and Pauper was a new untouched scared male glider. Or at least that was what the guy I was helping had been told. My first thought when I say them, "OMG! you want me to do what?" It didn't take me long to make the fuzzy's my friends. Before long I was rubbing bellies and necks. Then there was that one day I noticed that Pauper had a spot on his belly. So, I held him down and Guess what? Pauper was a Girl. She wouldn't let her owner look at her belly but, she let me rub her all over. I was hooked from then on.

Had to find my own gliders. Told my husband just 2. That's all I need is 2. Named the twin sisters Hocus and Pocus. Sugar Gliders are like potato chips you can't take in, re-home, help, stay up at night or play with just one!!!

Love my fuzzy kids

Rules For This Group

1: Always be respectful of one another.

2: Potty Mouth will not be tolerated.

3: No Drama! Take it to one of the Drama Groups. I have enough already.

4: If you have a Sugar Glider Rescue, Re-home, etc... feel free to make a small album to help find that forever home. These will need to be OK'd before they will be posted.

Thank you,