Joomla Jobs

* Please ensure that your post is either a job request or offer*

This group is strictly moderated, any posts that are not job offers/requests will be removed and posters banned.

This group is designed to give people the opportunity to post about Joomla! based jobs. If you need some work done, and can't find anybody to do it, posting about that work here might be just what you need.

If you see a job posted here and you think you can help, please post that you are available and invite the original poster to PM you.

ANY posts that are not specifically offering or requesting jobs will be removed and the poster banned. If you have a question about how to use Joomla, find hosting etc please post in the Joomla boards.

Neither Facebook or any of this board's admins are responsible for vetting potential contractors/developers, and will accept no liability whatsoever. It's your responsibility to ensure that the person you are hiring is competent to do the work undertaken.