Joplin Give & Take-Adult and Misc. Items


Joplin Give and Take is divided into 2 groups. Check them out and make sure your posts are on the correct page. Items on the wrong page are subject to removal without notification. IE: Adult items on the adult page and children's items on the children's page.

This is a Joplin page and if you post here you must be willing to meet in Joplin unless otherwise agreed upon. From here on out Joplin is defined for the purpose of this group as these boundaries West Side Schifferdecker, North side Newman Road, East Side Rangeline, South Side I-44. These boundaries are set because a Joplin address can put you in some strange places and not everyone knows the “City Limits”.

*Violations of any rules below will result in posts being removed without notice.
*Consistent violations of any of the rules below will have you removed from the page without notice.

Selling Rules:

All items for sale MUST have:

1. An actual picture of the item, not a stock photo, an item description (as detailed as reasonable), and the price.

2. If you do not want to accept offers, then list your price followed by “FIRM”, this releases you from having to deal with people making offers and you can move directly to buyers willing to pay your asking price.

3. Do not list "OBO" on an item, at least not when you first list. If it does not sell you may add it later. This keeps there from being a bidding war.

4. This is a Joplin page. You must be willing to meet in Joplin (as defined above), unless it is a large item that would need to be picked up. If you can’t meet here, do not list items for sale. If the item needs to be picked up, please state so along with your general location.

5. Each person may only post 5 items per day unless they create an album. There is a minimum of 20 photos but no maximum on items placed in albums. You are allowed 2 albums per page ONLY, both must meet the minimum number of photos, and they must be titled with your name and a brief description. Also it helps a lot if you put your general location where the album allows that option, IE SW Joplin, that way two people who live by Petro don’t drive to Target to meet. If you don't have enough items for your own album, please use the pre-made albums under the photos tab. Albums that don’t meet the rules will be deleted without notice. If you have to stop for some reason, comment under the album that you are still adding and we will give you an extra day to complete.

6. If you are posting an authentic item (such as a Coach purse) please include verification, serial numbers, etc. If you don't post to confirm the authenticity of the items. Your post could be removed whether people have already commented and requested the info or not.

7. If a buyer makes no attempt to contact you after 24 hours and you have messaged and tagged them in the post, you can move on or relist. If you have DO NOT have a message option on your home page, it is 100% your responsibility to PM the buyer or seller and comment on the item that you did send a PM.

8. Do not "BUMP" your item to the top of the page more than once per day. Any with more than one will be removed. This includes your albums- you must "BUMP" under the comment section of the entire album, not each picture. Bumps count toward the posting limit of 5 items. You can bump or post 5 items a day. If you sell an item and make pick up arrangements, you can delete it and post a new one in its place.

9. Once you accept an offer, you can’t change because someone else offered you more.

10. In the event the rules above do not determine a buyer, IE multiple offers that don’t meet asking price, or other unusual situations that it is impossible to be planned ahead for, the seller will ultimately be able to make the final decision.

11. If you want an item sold right away, then say so in your post, like “Must meet tonight or tomorrow morning”. It is always at your discretion to hold an item. You are not required to hold an item beyond a few days, but for rapid sales, your intent must be stated BEFORE someone comments on it.

The pages move fast. Hint: to find your posts easily in the search bar, think of a 4 digit code and list it with your items. When searching, just enter your code number.

Buying Rules:

1. If you want to buy an item, post that under the picture of the item, NOT under the album.

2. The first person under a post that says "I want, Mine, etc", makes an offer, or anything similar expressing they are indeed purchasing the item has first dibs. If you say "might want" or "interested" or anything wishy washy it is not going to hold dibs for you. If you have questions put “Want if” and then state your terms, be very specific, stating "want if it fits me" isn't specific enough, state "Want if it it a size M or L". State it so that the seller knows with their answer whether or not you are purchasing the item. Then if the seller confirms what you want, you have already spoken for the item or if it isn’t what you want, the buyer can immediately move on. If you don’t state “Want if” the item is not held for you. This is critical. If you make an offer on an item, you have first dibs, but if the seller declines your offer, you only have the amount of time that it took the seller to answer you to reply. IE: You ask if the seller will take $5, the seller declines 20 minutes later, you then have 20 minutes to tell the seller you will pay full price. After that amount of time they can move to the next seller if you haven’t responded. We know that people can’t be on the site all the time, but you are responsible for keeping track of items if you really want them, and the seller shouldn’t have to wait, so understand that making offers can cost you an item if you don’t keep track.

3. All negotiations should be done under the picture (not by private message) to keep the transaction open and above the board.

4. Once buyer is determined, private message each other your contact information and make meeting arrangements the same way. Do not list on the public page for multiple reasons. (1-it continues to "bump" the item to the top of the page and in turn pushes everyone elses down farther. 2- we've had a couple instances that the location of the meet up was posted and another member showed up posing as the buyer and got the item.)

5. If a seller makes no attempt to contact you after 24 hours and you have messaged and tagged them in the post, you can move on or relist. If you have DO NOT have a message option on your home page, it is 100% your responsibility to PM the buyer or seller and comment on the item that you did send a PM.

6. Sellling ANY expired or recalled items (ie. carseats, toys, cribs, appliances, etc.) on this site is not permitted. If selling a carseat for instance, you MUST give the expiration info in the description when selling. To potential buyers on anything- DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE ACTUALLY PURCHASING AN ITEM SUCH AS ELECTRONICS, BABY ITEMS, ETC. Admin for this site will not be held liable if you choose to purchase expired or recalled items. (On the recalled items, if the part or piece has been added, fixed, replaced, etc- then they are fine to resell.)

After the sale is complete, keep the transaction contact information for a while in case you have questions. Make sure you inspect your items when you meet. We will not be responsible for items you received that weren’t advertised correctly. You need to be responsible for what you purchase.


IMPORTANT: DELETE YOUR POST WHEN TRANSACTION IS COMPLETE. If you can’t delete your items for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to tag or pm an admin asking that they delete it. If you leave items on the page, you run the chance of being removed. If you PM us, make sure you mark your item “Admin Delete” or you run the risk of having the wrong items removed.

If you make an appointment to meet someone, keep it. Failure to follow through as scheduled will have you removed from the pages.

You may NOT sell: *Pets (You can post FREE pets only) *Weapons of any kind *Coupons of any kind *Gift Cards of any kind *Items from your business or links to other sites (home based or otherwise) This includes Scentsy, Mary Kay, Avon, Premier, distressed furniture, bows, tutus, etc.* If you have overstock items, the only way you are allowed to list your “overstock” items is to sell them at a loss. Items can’t be sold here at the same price you can buy them from your distributor. If you refinish furniture from your home, this is a home based business and these items can’t be posted so that it is fair to ALL home based businesses. If you make your own tutus or bows, these items are also not allowed.

As a safety/privacy precaution, we, as admin strongly advise to not post your phone number, address, etc. directly to the posts. If you choose to post your info, this is at your own risk and admin for Joplin Give & Take will not be held liable. Also do not post a link of any kind Direct readers to another page or ask them to "like or follow" your page.

*** Above all the rules posted, this site will be drama free and NO ONE is to post if they have an issue with anyone, PM admin and it will be taken care of. Failure to do so will result in the member posting being removed and banned from the group immediately. ***

Play Nice and Happy Buying and Selling.
Additional admin to help with the site:
Kinsey Schultz
Hillary Crane
Dawn Eminger-Walker
Summer Johnson
Elaina Warren