Founded in 2003 by Dean Maria Luisa Z. Saba, The JRU Chorale is the University's premiere mixed choral ensemble composed of select group of students and alumni representing the different colleges and faculties of the Jose Rizal University. The group continuously hones their talents to uphold their musical skills and aptitude. With the collaborative support of Doña Marinela Fabella, a bunch of young music aficionados was gathered to form what is now known as JRU Concert Chorale .

To date, the choir's mission is to uphold choral music in the community and to promote camaraderie and goodwill among students. The choir also serves as cultural ambassadors of JRU. This year, the group aims to undergo a series of workshops under the finest musical gems the country has to offer. The Chorale is slowly, but certainly, will make its way into fulfilling their dreams. The Concert Chorale has already taken the big step of letting the University feel our existence.

The Chorale envisions to become one of the premier choral groups in the Philippines dedicated to the development and interpret various Choral Music. The Concert Chorale is committed and dedicated to uphold excellent technical quality and artistic mastery composed of music elements. To building a strong foundation in choir membership through recruitment, training and development, evaluation of people dedicated to the craft of choral singing. Thus resulting to research & development, commissioning and interpretation of Choral Music aiming for the people to appreciate anew and nourish deeper the Filipino musical heritage.

Students we are, we fulfill our dreams to sing melodious harmonies for the purpose of enriching God's wonderful gift to us all: our voices. What we lack in wealth, we redeem it in friendship, musicality and apt discipline in attaining virtuosity in our own standards; standards that are transient, as yet we try to broaden our experience and knowledge with the choral world. We strive hard to hone our craft through the principles of pragmatism. Despite our differences, we settle constantly to a common ground where understanding is imperative and available. We stick to the rules of friendship and excellence.

The chorale will remain steadfast and true to its commitment to excellence.

Musica brevis Vevita Longga!