juanREWARDS+ Social Enterprise International Community

Welcome to juanREWARDS+ Social Enterprise International Community.

It is a social entrepreneurship organization whose purpose is to empower organization and " Helping People Help Themselves, to Help Others, " to generate and fulfill new possibilities based on gifts, generosity, accountability and commitment. We create and provide services, programs and business vehicles that produce extraordinary results for our business partners.

juanREWARDS+ System Online Cashflow was founded by John Vargas Adiova, and co-Founded by Jimuel Dancel together with founders of Corps of Peace Volunteers, and pioneering Core Team Leaders propagating the Mission for the Philippines and Filipinos with Coaches and Mentors of Creating Abundance in Real Estate Network Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CARENET).

We created juanREWARDS to help individuals achieve its personal goals, dreams and aspiration in life. jR+ are People Empowered to Aide Community and Environment (PEACE) to help our Mother Land to be First World Philippines.

Who is Juan? Juan is synonymous to Filipinos. Juan is Juan Tamad turning positive to life, actions, and achievements. Juan is typical Filipino around the world turning things around in positive manner. Filipino is juan who surpassed adversity in life.

What is REWARDS? Is POINTS personal CASH FLOW, and YES its a personal wallet INCOME, a REVENUE on your Business, a DIVIDENDS of all members, a COMPENSATION of your hardwork, a ROYALTY of your endeavors, PAYOFF for the team as we work all together, its an Earnings, Salary, Gains, Receipts, Interest, Wage, Returns, Livelihood, Wage, Pay, Cash Flow, Benefits, Honorarium, Profit, Commission, Means, Take Home, Bonus, Grant, Donation, Premium, Proceeds, Endowment, Subsidy, Trust, Pension, Gratuity, Legacy, and Funding for Charity Missions for people in need. Its all in one umbrella.

What is Plus(+)? Plus is Positive. Plus is addition. Plus is additional SERVICES beyond Cash Flow for members

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