Just Cruisin' ( Canberra car meets, cruises, shows and events)

----Getting updated soon----

Do you like cruising, modified cars and meeting some awesome people? Then come along to Just cruisin'

i started the just cruisin group to try bring car enthusiasts in canberra together, and develop the canberra scene but mainly a fun meet and cruise for any car enthusiast to come, meet new people, show off and chat to other car lovers about their pride and joy, make connections and mainly just have a fun time cruising with other car lovers i try to keep the group and meets very drama free and cop friendly which it is and we have never had any problems with them. And just a fun thing to do on a friday night. Our cruises are every friday night at 8pm starting at the phillip ice skating center and we usually cruise to a few different locations around canberra (i update the location on the page each time we move to a new spot), ending up at The g spot for hot food / a late dinner.

I have organised a portable gas heater to bring with us for the cold nights!
But mainly to the point my aim is to bring car enthusiasts together in canberra and establish a scene with people from all different car clubs (club ve, club fg, canberra datto club, gemini club and rush etc) in legal cruises which everyone can enjoy. I also have a big charity car wash, bbq ans escorted cruise happening in the next few months
There are quite a range of cars that come out to the meets, some classic, some muscle, quite a few commodores, a few imports but am trying to bring more imports into it ( as im a modified import driver myself) and make a bigger range of cars
If you cause drama, start shit and attract cops you will be blocked, drink driving and skids are not tolerated.
Add and invite ya friends!!
- Macca