Justice for Bullies

My objective was to start a movement in Alberta and simply get the name of one person (the more the better) in every City/Town/Hamlet/Village of Alberta who will stand up and fight to end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

Once we gain support from members who are living in areas with BSL in place, we are able to focus on the next objective. I would like to challenge each jurisdiction that has BSL in place to repeal the current bylaw and replace it with one that enforces responsible ownership and animal control bylaws that are breed neutral.

I had hopes that as this movement spread we would be able to encourage members in other Provinces, States and Countries to do the same.

Justice for Bullies has obtained so much support in our 12 short weeks that we are now obtaining support internationally.

The petitions are drafted for each City/Town/Village/County that has Breed Specific Legislation in place throughout Alberta. As we move forward with our next City we may or may not have to resort to this measure. This is going to be a learning curve for all of us and a journey that is new to many of us. If our letters and council meetings are not received well the petition will be the next step in our movement.

When we get to petition stage Magoo and I will be taking our petition to the road and trying to meet each and every one of you that we are able to reach by car so we can obtain your signatures. We will be looking for Justice for Bullies Ambassadors who will be in charge of obtaining signatures in their areas.

BSL is the restriction and or ban placed on certain breeds that denies Guardians the right to possess these dogs, or it restricts their movements and conditions within the public. BSL is not so specific, as it often uses umbrella terms and targets dogs by characteristics instead of their individual behaviors.

To help me reach my objective I ask that you post 1) Your name 2) Where you reside and 3) That you want BSL to end and Support Justice for Bullies and 4) A picture of you and or your dogs (optional).

You do not need to own a dog, or own a bully breed. We are not breed specific in this group. We love all dogs and wish the world would see our breeds as that... just a dog!

All you need to do is realize that discrimination is wrong! The power of numbers is an incredible thing, and to have an army of people beside me who support this objective would be a movement unlike anything I have ever seen. One voice has little impact, but when you have an army of voices we will be heard!

Together we stand, to watch BSL fall!