K12 Learning Coaches

Welcome to K12 Learning Coaches!!! A closed group for parents/mentors/learning coaches of students, who are using the K12 curriculum through independent study, virtual charter, or private schools, Since this is a large group, please start each post with your school's (states) acronym and children's grades and keep the posts about using the K12 curriculum and educating at home. Posts and/or comments that are disrespectful, rude, disruptive, political or religious will be deleted. Please remember that we have a wide variety of political, religious, and philosophical beliefs, so let’s be respectful. No foul language or name calling or posts about products/services you sell. If you feel a post/comment is out of line, please alert the Admins. We are K12 parents, and can’t read every post/comment. Only K12 employees, who are using the K12 curriculum with their children, are permitted to join. No K12 teachers/administrators, please. This group is moderated by K12 parents and is not, an official K12, Inc. group. If you choose to stop using the K12 curriculum, we respectfully ask that you remove yourself from this group. Thank you for joining our group. The Administrators for this group are - Theresa Ferguson, Amy Crisp, Allison Miller, Mike Sherry Farmer, Kimberly Wynns, Bonnie Melton and Anne Lupino Wheitsel.