Kaava's friends-Save a Shelter Dog

Hi my Name is Ka-ava. I was left to die when my owners tied me to a Kava tree in Hawaii. I tried to break free but the rope was too tight and it cut my neck. I dont know how long I was tied to the tree but I was very hungry and I didnt feel so good. I was found by a Nice lady named Nan who rushed me to the vet. She took me in, nursed meback to health and loved me.
Most people were scared of me because I am Shar-pei and pit bull. My previous owners would abuse me to make me mean and I never hurt anyone or anything in my whole life. Nan and I moved to California. I had a home with kids to play with. When I was 7, I was diagnosed with cancer. I lost my battle with cancer on December 24,2012. I was wanted when no one wanted me. I was loved when I thought no one loved me. I was given a safe home. Please save my friends and give them a good life like I was given. Thank you!