This group is for the people who have interaction with Kakinada.

KAKINADA, being one of the biggest towns in AP, u can see vast development. And at the same time, being remotely located, it is cool & pleasant. That is why, Kakinada is called as a "Pensioner's Paradise"

Made this group for interaction with the members of Kakinada & to have an useful discussions & debates which will help others & informative. And to raise awareness among the members of the group. Please add all your friends of Kakinada to this group, which will help us more interactive.

Please keep this group Ads free, Politics free, Religion & Community free. We are neither a ad agency nor running this group for commercial benefits.. Who ever posts these will be permanently banned from the group.
Please don't harass or comment any of the fellow members which hurt them. I hope, all the members maintain some decency in the posts. Please bring the members who deviate the rules to admin's notice so that, those posts & members will be removed from the group.

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