Juhar. Welcome to "Kalahandia" an e-Group Club.

"Kalahandia" is for everybody who is interested in Kalahandia Life, Culture, Dance, Health, Education, Food, Development, Economy and Prosperity.

This group is specially meant for global Kalahandia and for people who are/were attached to Kalahandi professionally or personally. People who love Kalahandi in any respect are also welcome to this group.

In Kalahandi Facebook group, posting on achievement of Kalahandia people or Kalahandi in the national, state or regional level may be considered. However, discussions, issues and problems related to national, state or regional such as Western Odisha, Kosal or KBK etc nature are generally NOT encouraged. Importance is given to problems, issues and topics related to local, district, block, panchayat and village level of Kalahandi. Being part of Kalahandi Lok Sabha constituency, discussion related to Nuapada district may be considered.

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