Find a room(mate) or house in Breda - Kamer(s) in Breda

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Kamernet has become way too expensive!
Try to find a room free of charge by means of this Facebook group or offer your room for sub-renting!

Please add ALL your friends who live in Breda in the group, from the up-right corner. The more well-known the group the bigger the chance we reach people with available rooms/houses.

If you're not currently looking for a room/house just de-activate the notifications from the up-right corner of the group. But stay with us

Start your messages with #request or #offer depending on whether you're looking or you offer accommodation. That makes search easier, because:

You can perform searches from the button that looks like a magnifying glass Q in the up-right corner of the group.

If you're a makelaar post only ONCE per week. This is a group to avoid makelaar charges, so your presence in the group is kinda contradictory, but I'll allow 1 post per week per makelaar for people who are desperate and really need a house urgently. Use your 1 post wisely. Mention in your post clearly that you're a house agent and that you apply commission. If you don't obey to these rules you'll be kicked out.

Please, delete your post after you've found a room or a roommate.

Posts irrelevant to the topic of the group will be deleted and the poster will be kicked out.

Posts are allowed only in the languages the administrator understands: Dutch, English, Greek. Comments on posts can be in any language.

COMMENTING UNDER #REQUEST POSTS IS FORBIDDEN. Especially if I see somebody offering a room/house commenting under 5-10 #request posts, you're out of the group immediately.

Strictly 1 post per person!!! You are not the centre of the universe. Everyone else is also in great need for accomodation. You do not deserve more projection than the others. So no multiple posts and no commenting to bring your own post up.

Advertising of websites with paid services is not allowed. This is a group to prove that those services (including the blood-sucking house agencies) are useless.

No matter what your landlord says, REGISTRATION AT THE CITY HALL IS ALWAYS ALLOWED. If the Gemeente (not your landlord) says it is not, that means that either: ex-tenants haven't de-registerd (you can ask the Gemeente to do that) or you shouldn't be living there at all, because the house is not suitable for so many people. Not being registered or being registered in different address than the one you live is in any case illegal since December 2013. Not to mention that registration is to YOUR benefit cause it gives you right to many state benefits and it's necessary for EU students to pay reduced tuition fees.

Find other similar groups for other cities by looking in Facebook search for "Find a room in" and then the city you're looking for (e.g. The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht or Delft).