Kanab Classifieds

Post items you have for sale, want to buy or anything else you would post on classifieds. We recommend that you post a picture, even if you aren't selling a specific item or are looking to buy an item because pictures get more attention than plain text. You are, of course, welcome to just post text if you'd like.

When selling items, please include the price in the initial post. It can help with the selling process.

You may promote businesses as well. However, we ask that you only post one advertisement per month, unless you are running a special.

Please do not post links to other classified programs or groups.

If you have an event, feel free to add it as a post or in the events tab.

Please do not post multiple listings for the same item.

Do not post your item/business in the comments of someone else's listing. If you have an item similar to another item being sold, create your own post. Do not comment about a business on a different business' post. It is great if you want to share your happiness/satisfaction/approval of a business, but please do it either on a new post or on a post belonging to the business you are talking about.

Do not post items for sale that have been obtained illegally or are illegal. Kanab Classifieds and its administrators assume no responsibility for the condition or source of items for sale. All items sold and purchased are done so at your own risk.

This is a community group, therefore we ask that you keep all posts civil and do not curse (including "minor" curse words.) Keep negative comments to yourself and don't argue. If you disagree with the value of an item and are NOT interested in buying the item, keep it to yourself. If you want to negotiate a different price for an item, contact the seller. Do NOT be negative! If any of our admins receive complaints about negative behavior, the offending party will be given a warning. If it persists, they will be removed from group for a 2 week period. If there are further complaints after being reinstated, they will be subject to a permanent ban.

Please do not "bump" your post more often than once a week. We have a lot of people selling items and want to be sure everyone has a fair shot of having their item viewed.

Please add your friends in the area and help us grow.