Kandi Land Trades

This is a group where you can find a trading partner, post photos of trade offers, show off your completed trades. Have fun! :)

NOTE: Please post any non trading posts in the Main Group :D


These rules are set up to create what we feel will build the strongest and most positive community. Follow the spirit of the guidelines, not the letter. If you aren't sure if something is okay, ask an admin (list posted below).

- Keep posts kandi/kandi community related
- Please do not discuss selling or buying kandi. This is a controversial topic and we don't need the drama. Only positive vibes please!
- Respect your fellow kandi kids and admins (No Trolling)
- Give credit to the original creator when posting a picture that is not yours or a design that is not yours.
- No one likes a drama llama! Posts causing drama and arguments will be removed
- We are all equals here no matter what your skill level is. There is no need to be elitist or negative.
- Offensive kandi/comments/content will be removed
- Please, no begging of any kind. Instead, offer something in exchange, it’s fun, and a bit more fair to everyone
- Kandi Land is a promotion free zone
- There is no selling of any kind in Kandi Land

[By Joining this group you automatically agree to follow and uphold these rules. If a member can not comply with the rules set forth, said member shall be warn and/or asked to leave the group. if party refuses to comply and refuses to leave the group, member shall be kicked/banned by an admin.]


Ginger Madison (OFF DUTY)

(Please allow for 24hrs for response. If no reply is seen, please message another admin on the list).

Amanda Black, Regina Blair, Mona Lesa, John Cuddlesluutt Moore, Paul Siorai Waldorf, Kristin Yoo, Caleb Samuel Shaw, Cassy Shumate, Dani Schilleman

ADMINISTRATORS: OFF-DUTY (For immediate response, please message an admin on the on-call list)

Ginger Madison, Emily Vaughn, Becca Schwandt, Rob Petrillo, Dana Galvan, Paul Sheets, Kimmeh Moreno


All discussion of trading kandi is to be talked discussed in the Kandi Land Trades Group.
-When you engage in a trade you do so at your own risk.
-Kandi land is NOT responsible for making sure trades go through.
-All trades are valued at $0.00.
-No selling in this group; trades only.

What to do if you think you're being scammed:

1. Make sure they have received your package.
2. If it has been about a month message the person and try to ask them what happened.
3. If they ignore you after a week or so contact an admin. We will try to get in touch with this person and resolve the problem.
4. If after a week no one can get in contact with them submit their name to The List.
5. If they repeat the offense they will be BANNED.
For all trade disputes please contact an admin. Fighting in the group will get you banned.

Text modified from kanditrade.net