Kashmir Photography Club.

Welcome to The Photography Club of Kashmir.

[ Official Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/kashmirphotography ]

Photography is sharing memories, creating emotions, and generating excitement.

The aim of this Club is to help the members improve their photographic skills and techniques, leading to the enhancement of a most enjoyable hobby.

This forum is open to all those who share the passion and creative eye for "PHOTOGRAPHY"

This is the forum to share your artwork, learn more about the camera and its accessories and finally to make the best out of your SHOT.

All the members are encouraged to share their Artwork by uploading pictures to the group and through online albums.

Anyone posting pictures here should post their own photos, or if they are posting someone else's photos they should mention the photographer's name.

Also the purpose of the groups is to share with everyone ones skill, not to get photos of Kashmir or anywhere else and just stick them in the group.