Howard City Yard Sale Site

This site is a buy and sell at your own risk group site. Transactions are made between the buyer and seller. Both buyer and seller have the right to refuse to buy or sell their items. This group is not responsible for the items bought or sold. This site is merely a resource for people to buy and sell items at their own risk. Please be courteous of others. The first person who expresses an interest should be the first person in line to purchase. Asking the size/price or asking if someone will take less does not give you first dibs unless you say that you are interested or want it. But the seller doesn't have to wait if the buyer is taking too long to respond. You can post under people stating that if it becomes available that you are interested. If you have a sale pending, please put a post stating that either by writing pending or ppu. Once your item is picked up, either delete the post, type sold on the item or tag my name and I will delete it. If you tell someone that you are meeting them, make sure you meet with them or contact them with plenty of time to cancel Gas costs too much to not have the person show up and want to set up another meet.Three no shows you are removed from the group. I would appreciate it if you would post your items in groups if you have tons of items to sell. You can post individual pictures just limit yourself to 10 individual pictures a day please. That way everyone has a chance to see other peoples items No double posting or any non garage sale related posts. Please include your location in your posts so that everyone knows where the item is. Please limit "bumping" your post to no more than 1 time per day. And also please be courteous of others and limit your bumping so that other peoples items are seen. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT FYI - if you send someone that is not your friend a private message, the message might go to the other folder in your message section and you won't get a notification. So if you are selling items, check that section often. If anyone has any problems with no shows, rude people or people selling items to someone else when an item was promised to you,tag me.
*If you are selling baby items, please make sure that they are not subject to a recall. It is best to include a model # so that the buyer can make sure that the item is not recalled. This is for the protection of the buyer and seller. If selling a car seat, please include the expiration date and acknowledge that the car seat has never been in an accident.
***Items prohibited are drop side cribs and guns. Drop side cribs are illegal to sell. As for guns, there are laws on who you can sell guns to and certain types of guns have registration requirements. I have no way of making sure that the sale is being done properly. I have prohibited these items to protect the group.