ImageNation is about the art of images and the imagination used to create them. The media desired should be photographs, generated computer art, paintings, and drawings. Anyone is welcomed to join. Please feel free to share tips on your art or any technical information you wish to provide so others may learn. Critiques are welcomed but be nice. Please do not add snapshots. All images need to be well thought out before posting. Memebers can add albums. However, I ask that the general rule for quality be observed. Images may contain social messages or themes. However, insults and arguments will not be tolerated. Enjoy and let your ImageNation flow.

I do not wish to offend anyone with this added rule. I should have made it a little more clear so it is my fault. I have no problem with anyone posting art that they did not create but I must ask that if you do to please give credit to the artist who did create it. I would also like to know why you like it and why it caught your attention.

Keep in mind that most photos online from websites , including mine, are copyrighted. Do not share or repost without giving credit where it is due.

MeMes will be deleted.

Anyone who post art or photographs that are not theirs and then takes credit for them will be booted.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh but the last thing that I want for this group is to have it shut down because of infringement.