Get out and photograph Kent!

This group is for anyone who likes to take pictures in Kent!

The aim is for people to share their own pictures taken in and around Kent, ask advice and get feedback.

Any member can arrange a meet-up where we all get to take pics and have a beer and a laugh.

Amateur or pro - SLR or just on your iPhone - all you need to do is take pictures in Kent!

We have a monthly competition - details under the events tab... please do join in!

We have a couple of simple "House Rules" to help make this more fun and educational for us all.

1) When posting please share the location, type of camera (maybe any specific settings or lenses used etc) and why you like the picture yourself. If you want feedback or advice on how to take that same shot a little better next time - ask away.

2) Try not to swamp the stream with lots of your old shots... keep it to a handful a day each... or share an album.