Kerala Jobs

This group is a platform to connect recruiters and job seekers from Kerala. If you are a recruiter or looking for employees to your company please feel free to post job openings. If you are a job seeker please add yourself and your friends looking for jobs.

Inorder to give more preference to direct employers, job portals and consultants are required to keep their posts to a maximum of 5 per day.

bitly and other url shortners are not allowed due to security reasons.

There is no need for job portals to use more than one profile to post vacancy links.

This is not a place for political campaign, debates, advertising your products etc.

Please report those who ask for money to give you a job. Recruiters should charge their client companies and not jobseekers for providing a job.

We are a bit strict about the rules here. Please keep your posts to career related topics. Unrelated topics will be removed and those engaging in spamming will be booted from the group. Thanks !