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Kerala Shopping Guide – a venue to discuss shopping in God’s Own Country. A place where we share anything related to shopping – be it a big chain store or a hole in the wall, a hot sale or a home based business, no business is too big or too small to get a mention. Sellers can showcase their wares and interact with their customers directly; buyers can share opinions and feedback on their shopping experience. So ladies and gentlemen welcome to KSG!

Before you start typing away to glory, here are some regulations we should all abide by:

DO add price and details of the products being listed
DO add your product/service details in the member directory (using ‘search’ tab on top right)
DO NOT send friend request or inbox people asking to ‘like’ or buy your product/service just because they have shown interest in your product/service. If they are interested they will contact you.
DO NOT use FULL CAPS to promote your product or state your query
DO NOT comment about your product/service on unrelated posts
DO NOT comment under your post unless there is a query. Product information must be added/updated under description.
DO NOT put up random videos or posts that are NOT related to shopping
DO NOT list property (real estate) that you do not own.

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