Kerri's Holistic Healing

To all my friends that joined the Body Talk by Kerri, I am opening a new group because I have expanded my knowledge base to include Reiki, Reflexology, and Applied Kiniesiology. This is for anyone requiring any of these services. Body Talk and Reiki, are both energetic forms of healing that work on the body as a whole, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Reflexology uses the hands and feet to help treat many physical ailments and can show the practitioner what area of your body needs healing by gentle massage and a little more pressure on the areas requiring work. Applied Kiniesiology is best to help find food intolerances, or what vitamins and minerals your body may be lacking and helping to adjust these imbalances in your body. There are also many accupressure points in your body that can be used to help allieviate chronic pain and discomfort within the entire body. I have found with these modalities, I have been able to help people of all ages not only relieve pain, but work on the issues underlying the pain. It works to rehabilitate joints, help disease within the body by easing the symptoms, or helping your body to learn to fight it on it's own. I have also seen marked improvements in children with learning and behavioural issues. It really is a holistic approach to healing the entire body! Look forward to hearing from all of you!