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Our goal is to create an information portal for people to undertake their real estate need's, wants, goals and successes, get great information and learn more about Georgina, it's residents and real estate related businesses.

Landlords feel free to post your rentals and tenancy needs anytime, as well as successes and challenges.
All other members of the group please engage and share information about anything real estate related so that the group can benefit (no drama, negativity or non real estate related adds are allowed. Post them and you will be removed if you do).
For all members in the group, please post your needs anytime as well as favorite professional's and why they are preferred !!
Be aware of the fact that if you are in need of a professional in the group and post, you will likely be messaged or responded to. We as your Admin encourage you to interview more than one industry related professional of any sort and please do let us know if you are being harassed by any members of the group and we will respond to the matter swiftly.

You are not allowed to post any For Sale/Rental listings anytime, you will be removed if you do.
You encouraged to share information that benefits the group anytime. You can post once per week your Contact information (DO NOT SOLICIT YOURSELVES OTHERWISE) it is not the purpose of the group, if members complain, you will be notified to stop, if you do not, you will be removed and banned from the group.
When a member posts that they may be moving or are in need of a realtor you are more than welcome to respond to the post and or message the individual, just as we as realtors will be.
Realtors,If you come into the group and treat it like it is your database and begin to harass or message group members and we are notified by individuals, you will be removed and blocked from the group.

You encouraged to share information that benefits the group anytime. You can post once per week your Contact information, specialty and pictures of trade related work that benefits the group and your business.
If an individual posts a question, please feel free to answer as long as you are qualified to do so, otherwise run the risk of liability for misrepresented posts.

Thank you and enjoy our group. If you are in need of a realtor we are area specialists, serving upper York Region, Western Brock Township. North West Durham Region and Lower Simcoe County see our details in the files tab
Gary Semeniuk, Gina Semeniuk and Sandra McMunn.

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