Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (H.A.S)

A Group Where Knowledge and Experiences are Shared.

Those who are New/ Fresh HAS Players can visit here For Study Material & Guidance. Information, Notes, Strategy and All About Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exams.


Please Follow these Rules otherwise you will be Blocked Permanently and will not be able to access the Group, So its a request to behave properly.

1. When you are added to the Group there is no need to say Thanks, Hi, Hello etc things, if you have something to ask about studies you can ask but don't try to gossip, worthless chat, abuse, its a request because it will be irritating and disturbing for serious people. So please try to ask relevant things.

2. Please Don't ask easy things or Unnecessary things or questions. eg. Avoid asking easy Questions like Who is President of India ? Who is PM of India ? or who is CM of HP etc ? Because everybody Knows such things so Try to ask tough questions which have a Good standard and which can be really useful for Exams.

Rather than asking tons of questions try to Discuss the Important topics and their different aspects or Current events etc stuff.

3. Don't Abuse to anyone.

4. Don't Misbehave with females and don't. Harass otherwise Strict actions will be taken against you.

5. Don't Post Advertisements, Jokes, Trolls, Irreverent posts, Photos, Links, Shayri etc Stuff. If you will post You will be blocked. If someone wants to share ads they can contact me if I will found ads are useful for people I will try to share.

6. Be helpful to your fellow Aspirants, if you will help them you will also help yourself too. so You will grow if you share knowledge with others. But don't be Over smart.

A great thing said by Lord Buddha :

"If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path. "


Finally Want to say that maintain discipline and keep Sharing and gaining Knowledge.

Thank You !