An initiative of the alumnis and students of Army Institute of Technology (apart from normal trend of starting software companies) to spread smiles!.

We have put in a Do's and Don'ts guide here

Read it once to get familiar with what we are what we expect you to be.

Our main aim is to provide you fun while you drink, sleep, move, run, fart, fuck etc etc..

We don't bother about the logic part behind the joke that we cook , so better don't you.
Read the joke, spread the good word don't put your silly brains to find any stupid logic or reason behind it otherwise you will be barred (may be).
If you are considered an active member then yes you have to actively post stuff and keep people in the mood by posting Jokes and stuff that will entertain people around you.
Most important as we also are not bothered about the grammar and spelling mistakes,neither should you.We are very happy with the English we have and you better settle down with that.

Life is too short to be messed up with other goof-ups so better LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF and make someone else smile and share the joy.

One more thing that this group is CLOSED so for all new users of internet/FB the content you share or talk about here is not disclosed to anyone on your friend list. SO be assured about that.

All into your dedication and entertainment

This is not a CENSORED group ,nor we intend to do any such stupid act, so please join at your own risk. One thing we guys can promise is humour and fun at every step.

For those who can handle soft humor the address is here .

HASO HASAO kyuki JO HASE UNKE GHAR BASE. grin emoticon

Our team named as CHHOTE BACHHE has also put up some of their work on YouTube. Catch the fun at