Khula manch ( Open Stage )

Though in this group you are urged to freely express your opinion, still we would like all of you to adhere to following suggestions so that we can keep this group neat, serious towards issues and interesting for all.
1. Please do not put any advertisements here and unnecessary links to other pages. This creates problems to other members who are interested in serious debates.
2. Please do not print the same message again and again that frequently. It is rather annoying and causes problems for other members.
3. Please invite healthy debate and avoid getting into serious arguments over matters of religion, regionalism and caste system. Though any healthy debate over these topics is always welcome.
4. Please do not use any serious swear words in this group as it would spoil the atmosphere of the group. I am sure you guys also would not like to lose friends over petty arguments.. I am sure you will regret it later so reminding you beforehand.
5. Rest you all are wise and any suggestions given by you is always welcome and a worthy input for us so please air your opinion without any hesitation.
6. We are here to help you always. In case of any problems please let our admins know about it and we would try to solve your problem asap.
Looking forward for your cooperation…

Yours sincerely,
Admins of this group