Open to UK residents only - welcome to UK Kidney Cancer Support Network, this is a support group for patients of kidney cancer & their immediate carers & relatives who live in the UK.
The group was started in 2011 by myself Sarah Yule, it is a closed group which means that only members within the group are able to see posts making it a private place to go for advice & support.
The Group is a patient & carer led group with no paid staff & no funding from pharmaceutical companies.
There are four Administrators for the group, Sarah Yule, Rose Woodward, Jackie Barnes & Phil Yule.

IF YOU REQUEST TO JOIN OUR GROUP - PLEASE CHECK BOTH YOUR 'INBOX' & 'OTHER' MESSAGES - which you can usually find by the side of your inbox) in there you will find a message from one of our administrators, once we have received a reply from you, you will be added & welcomed to our group.

Once you are a member of the group please take a look at our 'Files' section where you will find our group rules & also lot's of information that may be of help to you & also some of our members have kindly provided details & a brief history document about themselves, please feel free in your own time to add your own document if you wish.
The group is about our own experiences with this disease, one of the great things about this is our collective knowledge, we are able to support because we have experienced ourselves & we can also guide other members to resources that we have found useful, you will find details of useful resources in our files section.
We would also like to make very clear the fact that because this is a patient & carer led group we can only guide by our own experience, we are in no way medically qualified to answer your questions.

The group is a Facebook 'patient support' group & post's do eventually get lost in the news feed, Administrators would like to encourage members to also visit & use where posts & information will remain static, if you have any information, news or research item's that you feel would be of benefit to others please post within the group & also on too so that it can reach as many patients as possible.