Kids Korner of Booneville/Prentiss County

This is a group created for the people of Booneville and surrounding Prentiss County to buy and sell kid's items, mainly newborn to preteen. I do not discriminate against people in our surrounding counties though. If you see an item and you want to drive or meet somebody here to get it, no problem. That is between you and the seller. And sellers, if you want to list an item, and you are in Tupelo, Corinth, etc, no problem, but the same principle applies, you must be able to meet in Booneville / Prentiss County or arrange acceptable exchange with buyer.

WHEN LISTING AN ITEM, please include the picture, price, and a short description and delete any multiple listings. Please do not "bump" an item more than once a day unless lowering the price.

The sales are between the buyer and seller and I assume no responsibility in such (as in any problems as well). PLEASE SEE ADDENDUM AT BOTTOM...

Let's make this a great group to sell quality items and save some money on kids clothes. Let's stop giving all our hard-earned money to these expensive consignment stores and cut out the middleman.

If you post an item and it doesn't sell, you may lower the price, hence bumping it to the top. PLEASE see addendum. Please delete the item once it sells.

Also, if you wish to post 10 or more items in one sitting, please create a folder and place your items in there. If you do not have access to a computer, let me suggest that you add 10 or less in the morning, and 10 or less in the evening. This will help to reduce the news feed.


* Any items that are not obviously for children or not labeled for or from a child may be deleted.
* Any items with no comments for over 30 days may be deleted.
* Any items not lowered in price or with obvious interest for over 30 days may be deleted.
* Any member that refuses to meet in Booneville / Prentiss County should not post in this group and may be deleted and banned if there are any problems.
* Any member that causes drama and/or unrelated problems within the group may be deleted and banned.
* Any member that is acting in an unethical, immoral, and/or illegal manner may be deleted and/or banned at my discretion, and any illegal activity may be reported to the applicable authorities.

*** I reserve the right to make the final decision on any problems in this group. I will listen to both parties involved and delete/ban as I see fit. I will usually act according to the complainant's wishes but will not delete or ban someone unless there is good reason. I will not tolerate drama in any form. If there is a mis- understanding, I understand, but if there is blatant disregard for myself or another member, I have no problem deleting and banning someone without notice. ***