Kids Village - Reading Club [கிராமிய குழந்தைகள் - வாசகர் வட்டம்]

Books are more than pages of paper, More than pages of paper fil...led with words.
Reading is a gift that can offer one many ways to unleash their imagination and make themselves creative and innovative.
There is a magic in reading books, where when the author describes a castle, we let our mind build it for us or when the author describes a storm, our mind takes us into the feel of stuck in a storm. The ability to connect to characters, and learn from them are the real use of the sixth sense.
The current generation kids are losing this magical touch and we would like to help them find it.
We would like to create a circle, which offers the platform for parents to buy best imported pre-owned books for their kids and induce the habit of reading to them in their early years.