Children's Toys and More for Sale in CNY

A kids only page. Sell all your kids items, clothes, etc, here. Feel free to post as many things as you want. All I ask is that you please delete as you sell items. If you need help doing so we will be happy to help. We as parents, all struggle financially in some way at some point in our lives, and now is the time to buy what we need at cheaper prices. Its a 24/7 virtual Yard Sale. lol. Please be safe, and be respectful of others. I do check posts from time to time to make sure transactions are going as planned. Please don't take it to heart if we ask you a question. Just trying to make less clutter, and more time and space for the items that we all need for our children. Enjoy.

Admins are myself Danielle Jaskulski
and Gina Amond Doughty
Please contact us if you have any issues.