This is an open group for kigurumi to feel safe in,a place to about anything and everything kigurumi...

General Group Guidelines

1. It would be wise to not type in caps, or at least try to minimize the use of it. Some people consider caps as "yelling".
2. Avoid the use foul language.
3. It is wise to avoid Spamming.
4. It would be good to avoid Religion or Political topics. Topics with religion or politics will be removed without notice.
5. It is good to avoid fighting or causing drama.
6. It is good to stay on topic.
7. Avoid Pornographic or illegal activity.
8. It is wise to use common sense and respect others.
9. Makers should refrain from discussing prices with others regarding the sale of a mask or similar to a person publicly, please keep this to PMs.
10. Please make sure permissions of linked photos and posts are set to "public" and not "friends only/private" or some of our members (including moderators) may not be able to view them or the posts may be deleted (remember, the admin cannot moderate the content if we cannot see the content)