Kimball Nebraska Area Online Garage Sale


***These rules/policies were set/voted on by the members of this site.
If you don't agree with them you are welcome to leave our site. We want no fighting or chatting on our posts. Please respect this.

*** The site is for garage sale items (clothes, household items, toys, decor, everything goes etc.) Please put price, size, year etc, in you post of the item for sale. This makes it so much easier for everyone involved.
This site is also for our local small home business to post a ad for their business and for local happenings in our town and can be bumped once a week.

***Household Pets are allowed but please no livestock of any kind..(horses, goats, cows, pigs etc.).

*** Local listing for " home for sale" is allowed and can be bumped once a week.

*** Ads for nationwide sales is NOT allowed and will be deleted. Local listing for "local home business" is within 45 miles of Kimball. Ads will be removed and you will not be notified.

***No underware of any type is allowed to be sold. New or used.

***Each individual is allowed 10 posts at a time, anything over that will be deleted.

*** Please only one post for your ad. Second post for same item will be deleted.

*** Please only bump your post every 2 days (24 hours) if needed. This gives everyone a chance to be up front. if you do not follow the rules your post will be removed and you may be banned or a month after the 3 strike rule.

*** NO chit chat allowed. Take chit chat to your messages.

***Please remember to DELETE your pics and posts after your items sells. When you don't delete your posts, it makes it hard to find the posts that are for sale and the posts won't show up in Facebook searches. It also makes the page load slow.

***The admins will delete posts that have had no activity within 2 weeks or if post says sold and has not been deleted after 3 days. If you continue to NOT DELETE your post then you may be banned or a month after the strike 3 rule.
***If you have a problem with someone please take it up with them and not on the site. The admin is NOT responsible for how people act or who people sell things to.

***Please NO DRAMA or FIGHTING or you will be banned. Please follow the rules/policies or you will be banned.

***Due to the recent scammer/spammers we are reviewing all new members before we approve them, if I am unable to see your information (friends, wall post, location, etc) you will not be approved.

The Administration of this page hereby denounces all responsibility for improper and/or illegal transactions. Buy/sell/trade in this group at your own risk.