Kimberley Hip Hop

Rate My Bobby Schmurda Hot Nigga Freestyle Out Of 5...Im Still Learning Lol Ok.Let Me Tell This Niggas Who I Realy Am/Im The Best Rapper Kby Has Ever Had/Ive Been Stunting On This Niggas Cause I Couldnt Rap Before/Now I Got Alota Gurls Man They Cuming Through The Door/Looking At Them One By One/Nigga You Aint One Of Us/Make Me Get Retarded Like Im Riding On A Short Bus/Flexing On This Niggas Man I Thought That Was A Warm Up/Tell Em Shoot Em Up And Double Back I Call It Karma/People Pay Attention/Push Your Button For Ignition/Dopest In The Business Niggas Gotta See My Vision/Never Been A Fuck Nigga I Put That On Ma Chest/Always Been Top Player/Never Failed A Test/Niggas Choking One By One/Coopa's Gonna Touch The Sun/Make Me Get Retarded Like Im Eating On That Big Buns/Rappers Get It Twisted So I Leave Em All To Crazy Guns/My Nigga Faya Be The Nigga Who Be Cuming With the Faya Flames.... Real Mini Coopa-\-\-Hot Nigga Freestyle