Kindle Freebies for Gardeners and Homesteaders

This group is for posting links to Amazon Kindle ebooks of interest to gardeners and homesteaders. They can be gardening, homesteading, prepping, frugality, etc., related. I will personally post MANY each day. You are welcome to post books, ask questions relating to the books, etc. Only four rules on the books:

1 - Books must be Kindle format, and related to the group. Ones not related as in examples above will be deleted. The links to the books must be to the ebook's Amazon page, not to a site listing books (as many of these sites do not change their lists frequently and/or do not have more than a few books at a time listed).
2 - Ebooks posted must be FREE at the time they are posted. Remember that books may not be free when you get to them.
3 - Do not gripe that books aren't free when you get to them. A note that the book is no longer free is fine, a gripe about "every time I go to look at the books they aren't free" kind of thing will get you booted and banned.
4. (Added 10/10/14) NO BEGGING FOR REVIEWS. This is not a review my book group for authors, although authors are welcome to post their book following the rules. This is a gardening and homesteading related freebies book group.

If you are an Amazon Associate, please feel free to use your AA links.

Have FUN collecting new books!!!

The group essentially decided some time ago to not do cookbooks. There were just too many, and they were inundating folks. So cookbooks are out. Also, there is no need to note dates or that the book is free. We EXPECT the book to be free. A simple link to the book is all that is needed.

ADDENDUM: Group is moderated due to spammers, and I work second shift. Please have all potential books posted by 3PM Central US time or between 2AM and 5AM Central US time, in order for me to get them cleared ASAP. OT posts that are related to the Kindle books and the platform (ereaders and such) are good, as they foster open discussion, but obvious spam posts will be deleted and the member will be banned. I hate to do this, but the group, and especially its members, have to be protected from people like that. Thanks for understanding, and remember, the goal here is to collect books and have fun!