This group is strictly for KHTC TRANSPORTS. No postings of pets needing rescue, adoption, petitions to be signed or posts about FUND RAISING. This group welcomes (for transports
set up by KHTC): transporters, pullers, sending rescues, receiving rescues, overnight fosters, temp fosters, quarantine fosters, Home Checks, Transport Coordinators (TC), adoption coordinators.There is a Zero Tolerance rule in place here, there will be NO DRAMA. We will revoke membership of anyone who cannot work within our guidelines. Please read "The Rules - In Plain English" found in our Files section. Make sure to also check out our website for useful information, videos, and more! Thank you and Welcome, our Admins are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

ATTENTION MEMBERS: I am posting a list of our administrative volunteers. This list will contain our CURRENT TCs, Administrators and Zone Managers. If you do NOT see a name on this list, please check with one of the TCs listed below to see if the person is not a KHTC affiliate. You are welcome to drive and volunteer for whomever you want to. I feel this will cut down on the confusion when we have TC's or ADMINS change hands.

Sherry Mastrogiacomo, President, CEO, and FOUNDER


Andy Barnett
Cheryl Miles
Colleen Viccaro
Connie Ledford
Dana Abbott
Denise Flinchbaugh
Julie Page
Kathy Thomson D'Acunto
Kelsey Glander
Malissa Jones
Mark Kphillips
Micheal Noble
Sherry T. Mastrogiacomo
Stacey Kelly
Stephanie Honeycutt
Yvonne Bartells Fowkes


Beth Jezbera Williams- MN, WI
Cherry Acoveno Williams Kbear- MS,UT,WY
Cheryl Miles - IL.IN
Cheryl McGregor - GA
Craig Mottram - ID, NV, ND, OK, OR & SD
Denise Shannon- IA,MI,OH
Janet Harrison- LA,MD.NJ.PA,VA.WASH DC, WV
Jessica Lynn- CO,KS,NE
Karla Dunn Boreiko- MT, TN
Kathy Schacklin- CT,MA,ME,NH.RI,VT
Rachel Jaeger- CAN, DE, KY
Rose Mierbeth- FL
Shellee Morris- NC, SC
Terry Anaya- AZ, NM, TX
Tom Quigley- AL,AR CA,MO & WA

KHTC Admins:
Caroline Chang
Corrine Morrow
Dana Abbott
Denise Flinchbaugh
Denise Flowers
Emily Pauls
Janet Harrison
Julie Page
Kelsey Glander
Malissa Jones
Morgan Edwards
Peggy Cook
Sherry, President/CEO
Stacey Kelly
Terry Anaya
Tom Quigley

If you're experiencing any issues, please contact one of our administrators.
Thank you.