King Of Old Trafford

'King of Old Trafford' is one mans tale of life, love & Manchester United. The play focuses on Ricky, a hardcore fan of Englands most well known football team. Ricky's passion for the Red Devils sees him relegate every other aspect of his life to the sidelines. As a result, his life falls a part. This is where we find Ricky - alone in a sparsely furnished flat waiting for the game to start. With only a teddy bear for company, his minds wanders and he recollects his past, trying to piece together the shards of his shattered life.Written and Performed by award wining actor and writer, Dhaveshan Govender, the play has received a Durban Theatre Nomination for Best Solo Performance. 'King Of Trafford' is the inspiration behind the Lotus Fm 2010 World Cup radio drama, Cup Fever, also written by Govender. Govender this year was nominated for The Mercury Durban Theatre Personality of the Year 2011. He most recently directed the critically acclaimed one woman show Shika-Land! 'King of Old Trafford' is directed by Shika Budhoo.'King Of Old Trafford' runs for an hour, in which Govender plays various characters, some instantly recognizable to anyone whose ever experienced football fever. Ranging from the terminally broke Two-Rand-Rajen, to the over protective Aunty Shakoon, Govender has had audiences in stitches as he relays the antics of his colourful characters. Nothing is sacred as Ricky extols his views on rugby, DStv and, of course, Liverpool!Reactions to this play have been favourable from both sexes, a relief to men dragged to the theatre by their better halves. A detailed understanding of the technicalities of the off-side rule is NOT required to appreciate this original piece of South African Theatre.