Kings Lynn Trader

Advertise your items for sale, your service or business in the Kings Lynn Area.
Sell it, swap it, give it away, trade it, or place a wanted advert,
Content may occasionally contain 18+ so its parents responsibility to control what your children view,


1..Please state your asking price in your advert,
if you are open to offers please make this perfectly clear if you don't the following will apply (its your choice)!
Adverts with just a price will be deemed as not open to offers
(although people will still probably make an offer rule 2 applies)
Adverts with no price will be deemed as open to offers (rule 3 applies)

2..ITEMS ADVERTISED FOR A PRICE WITHOUT INVITING AN OFFER it will be assumed that you are not inviting offers so the first person to comment with an offer of the full asking price has first refusal of the item, anyone making an offer for a lower price on a non offer advert takes the risk of losing it to someone who offers the full asking price, seller please state when item is sold, please allow 4 hours seller and buyer to respond, I appreciate not everyone is glued to facebook 24/7 but 4 hours is a reasonable time to make the effort to check your responses.

3..ITEMS ADVERTISED INVITING AN OFFER it will be assumed that as soon as an acceptable offer is made it will be accepted by the seller, so please make your offer as a comment and it is up to the seller to accept or decline as he/she sees fit, so anyone making an unrealistic offer takes the risk of losing it to someone making a realistic offer so think before you make it. seller please state when item is sold.

4....All negotiations over offers/price etc to be done for everyone to see via the comments box, inboxing is only for addresss phone numbers etc.
5....No adverts for fake goods, stolen goods, contraband goods, (cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco) firearms, weapons, Loans free supermarket/argos vouchers,Monkey, Parrot or Puppy Scams,sexual services, drugs or anything else illegal,
6..All adverts must be in ENGLISH as we cannot approve an advert we cant read.
Anyone not adhering to any of the above or causing trouble or giving verbal abuse may be deleted and permanently blocked without notice !

No responsibility is taken for legitimacy of any goods or sevice offered on this group and it is the buyers responsibility to make all appropriote checks and assume that an item is sold as seen
This is a local group for viewing in the kings lynn area, adverts from nearby areas are ok but must be at least in the uk, so please state where you are

Profiles of people asking to become a member of kings lynn trader which are obviously fake will not be accepted.