Kings Salesmen Africa

Kings Salesmen Africa is a trade group that brings the seller and potential buyers together.An electronic 24hr solution to your searches,sales,purchase advertisements at no cost and all gain
1. BEWARE OF CONMEN.Get those you trust to be around when making purchases and always be in open place
2.Report any untrusted members so that admin can investigate the matter and react.
3.CHARGING at a price higher than what was posted or inboxed is considered a BREACH and therefore unacceptable.
4.Members should give feedback to the ADMIN after a successful SALE or PURCHASE.
4.DONOT post the sale/purchase of items that you DONOT have or DONOT really want.
5.DONOT post anything out of trade with an exception of your ideas and complaints
6. Group Admin has the right to publish these adverts in the TRACE adverts publications,a Kings Salesmen adverts journal
Thank you

yours in trade

Kan'ma King