Kinver Past & Present

Kinver Past & Present is your local group to add your old pictures, have a chat with the locals or just reminisce on the old times, what ever you choose to do in the group is your choice but please keep it Kinver related where possible!
if you have Kinver residents in your friends list or people that were at one time residents please add them to the group to join the discussions !

Administrators are
Gav Bache
Sue Johnson
Kelly Black.

Any administrator can be contacted privately should you wish to do so by going to the profile and clicking on "Message"

Group rules do apply

No hatred or or comments that could cause harm to a person, business or property of any description.
No images of disturbing nature or cruelty
No porn
No spamming of posts
No advertising of Business's outside of kinver unless with express consent of an adminstrator.
Administrative desicions and/or member private messages maybe opened up as a private chat group with other adminstrators if the need is felt to do so.

topicle debate is acceptable but must be kept respectful to others