'All Friends of Emil & Lorna Kirstein' ◇ Writers, Speakers, Teachers

Welcome to our group: 'All Friends of Emil & Lorna Kirstein'

We strive to write and talk about PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING devoid of all religiosity.

Please feel free to add some of your friends to our group—a friend of yours is a friend of ours.

We’re semi-retired writers and teachers domiciled in South Africa. We have vast experience stemming from our activities as pastors, missionaries, Bible school teachers, English teachers, as well as from business. In addition, by God’s grace, we’ve been in a very blessed marriage relationship since 1974 that has survived the obstacles posed by life. Also, by God’s grace we have a very strong family where we support each other throughout every season without any reason. We’ve been exposed to diverse cultures—having visited twelve countries and lived in three of them. We’re proponents of “how deep” and “how high” as yardsticks, instead of “how many” and “how much,” as some others may prefer. We believe that a real relationship with the living Jesus Christ means more than mere churchianity and religiosity. As writers and speakers we strive to address the daily practicalities of life that believers face.

As always, blessings to all and asunder.

Emil & Lorna Kirstein