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Welcome to the KissAnime Community!

The group is open for discu...ssion over manga, anime, light novels, games and Japanese culture in general. We ask that all posts are related to Japan or anime.

Feel free to open up!

Please read & follow the rules:

1. English ONLY Forum

↳ No arguing like little kids. Start a formal discussion, or take it to your PMs.
↳ Avoid being offensive and/or overly-sensitive; prevent all conflicts as much as possible.
↳ No offensive posts involving Religion, and Racism

3. Ecchi is good but strictly NO hentai please. (This group will be banned by FB)

4. Respect the admins/moderators and report to them if there are any problems, or rule violations. (With appropriate approach and matter; being a nuisance will result to expulsion)
↳ Blocking an admin or moderator is a grave sin.
↳ Do not post in the group or complain about a problem in the comments, please ask the admins/mods for help.

5. No advertising PAGES, GROUPS, WEBSITES, or any other form of promotion.
↳ this also includes group chats of any kind. We already have a GC. Ask the admins/mods for an invite.

6. Under absolutely no circumstances are you allowed to post a link to a site that isn't mentioned in this description, unless permission was granted from an admin/mod.

7. Failure to follow any of the above-mentioned rules can result in a permanent ban.

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