Kizomba Helsinki

Kizomba Helsinki is a special group who serves us, people who love to dance Kizomba and Semba and are willing to join or create events for this purpose.

The the focus of this group is on useful information for the group members and the priorities are as follows:
1. Helsinki events and courses
2. Scandinavian festivals and sounding names workshops (where at least one group member goes)
3. Examples of Kizomba dances (preferably great ones)
4. Inspiration quotes about dancing
5. Great Kizomba music
6. Other posts
This means only that we will keep the ratio of the first 3 categories over 90%. You can post anything you want, there are no restrictions, but the admins reserve the right to delete posts if they so decide (nothing personal, we still love you ♥).
Just for you to know and not get frustrated if your post is deleted.
Love and Kizomba 2u all ♥

"Kizomba history:

Kizomba is a dance, that came from Africa.

The word Kizomba is from Angola and means Party.

Kizomba appeared in 1980's and nowadays is spreading all over the world." -