Klamath Community Watch

The purpose of this group is to bring the community together and keep it informed about issues involving local crime and community safety concerns that affect the Klamath Basin which includes all outlying areas. Other types of posts that are allowed are lost and found pets and lost, found, and stolen property, and posts inquiring about road conditions (especially in the winter).

When you ask to join this group, you are agreeing to read and adhere to the group rules.. Please read them CAREFULLY BEFORE posting! Posts that don't fall into the categories listed above will be deleted without notice.

In an effort to keep this group SPAM FREE, if your profile doesn't have a location displayed or something else that clearly connects you to the Klamath Basin, your request to join this group will be denied.

For the security of the group, if you have been on Facebook less than 1 year, you will not be added to the group unless one of us knows you personally..