Kosmas Lapatas Pianist

Pianist | Musicologist | Music Technologist | Composer | Audio Specialist

Discography : https://onerpm.com/klapatas

Kosmas Lapatas studied Classical and Modern Piano, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Musicology, Music Production, Audio Production and Music Therapy.

He has performed as soloist and accompanist at various music halls with various orchestras. He has taught in various prestigious colleges, conservatories, private schools and institutions.

He composes music for brands, demos, clips, projects, promotions, trailers, and short films. He undertakes very limited mixing and mastering projects of both signed and unsigned artists, singers, songwriters, bands and bedroom producers.

He is a member of the The Music Producers Guild, The Society of International Recording Engineers, The International Alliance of Composers and The Freelance Musician's Association.